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If you are interested in becoming a Freemason, you can approach any Lodge in your community. A true Freemason will not approach you to ask you to join. It is a choice of the individual to ask to become a Freemason.

The requirements for entry into Freemasonary are set out below:-

  • A man of at least 21 years of age.
  • Believe in a Supreme being ( the definition of which is left to the individuals own belief).
  • Be of good moral character.
  • Decide to become a Freemason of "your own free will and accord", without expectation of any material gain or benefits

A Freemason will not take offence if you are genuine about wanting to become a 'Brother'. They will dicuss and guide you where possible.

If you are still unsure on how to go about things, use the 'Grand Lodge of Scotland' hyperlink on the right hand side of this page or the 'Contact' hyperlink on the left. You can either send an e-mail or a letter explaining your interests and somebody will then get back in touch with you.

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