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Purwa Daksina.


This Lodge is no longer in exsistance, but thanks to Brother Oscar de Waard of the Internet Committee of the Order of Freemasons in The Netherlands, we are able to bring you the details about it.

Lodge Name :-   Purwa Daksina.
Lodge Number:-   182.
Lodge Colours:-   Blue & White.
Constitution letter:- 18th Oct 1952 handed on 31st Oct 1952.
Lodge Installed on 29th Nov 1952.
Lodge location was Batavia, Dutch East Indies (now named Djakarta, Indonesia).
In 1951 the Masonic circle 'Purwa Daksina' was founded. It was meant to become a lodge under the Grand Lodge of Indonesia which was in the process of being founded.
Lodge Purwa Daksina No. 182 was installed on 29th November 1952, under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the Netherlands.
Founders were the Brethren Soemitro Kolopaking, Soerjo Wisaksona Wirjodihardjo, Soebali, Hoedioro Sontoyoedo, Soetisno, Liem Bwan Tjie, Liern King Tijau & Liem Mo Djan.


In 1955 the Lodge went under the jurisdiction of the Indonesian Grand Lodge, 'Timor Agung Indonesia', that was founded on 7th of April 1955.


The Lodge closed in 1962, when Freemasonry in Indonesia was forbidden.
Sources: Dutch Masonic Magazine 'AMT' 1951/52, p.542 & 1952/53, p.238: Dutch Indies Masonic Magazine 'het Indisch Maconniek Tijdschrift 1952/53, p.138 & 155-165. Thanks to Brother Oscar de Waard of the Internet committee of the order of Freemasons in The Netherlands.

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